Mission Female works with companies to provide a better workplace for female leaders. We are fully committed to increase gender equality in the economy. It is not only today’s responsibility in a modern and complex society to live diversity. From an economical perspective, it is provenly an important accelerator: We know that successful heterogenous teams not only achieve significantly better results, are more productive, innovative and creative, but also add a competitive advantage to companies.

This is our purpose, passion and mission. Every day.

Are you ready to accept Mission Female? Then contact us. Together, we will work on your strategy and practical implementation for more femininity in top management.


Become a member of Mission Female 360° - the exclusive business network for successful women in leadership positions. We offer selected members and companies the unique opportunity to connect with each other at the highest level, build a strong and sustainable network, make success more visible and benefit from partnerships and cooperations.

#strongertogether is our motto. Are you in?! Then contact us for more benefits of your membership.

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    Our partners and sponsors enable Mission Female to bring successful women together so we can actively support each other and build a sustainable network. Many thanks to the following companies:

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    We do not talk, we do: We know that professional, sustainable networking can only be achieved when business and political female leaders regularly meet, exchange and promote each other in person. With this aim in mind, we organize high-profile events for female leaders several times a year.

    Even if you are not yet a member of our Mission Female 360° Network, you can still join our Dinner and Workshop events as a guest to meet us personally. Please note that your participation cannot be guaranteed as the members of our network and sponsors always take precedence.

    We are always looking for sponsors to make companies which actively empower female leaders more visible. Just contact us.




    Frederike Probert

    Frederike Probert is founder and CEO of Mission Female. She is a successful entrepreneur in the digital industry and an expert for Gender Diversity. Her stated goal is to empower women in the economy. For this purpose, she works closely with companies and develops concrete strategies and initiatives to make women and companies equally successful. With Mission Female, Frederike also offers a network for Top Female Leaders.

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